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05 May SIFF | A Little Ink in Ad Week!

Wongdoody Turns Voyeur in Latest Seattle International Film Festival Promo

Who’s watching the watcher?

That’s the fundamental question in this new promo from Seattle/L.A. agency Wongdoody for the Seattle International Film Festival, which marks the 12th consecutive collaboration between the two parties.

In the :60 clip, aptly titled “Be Watching” and directed by Matthew J. Clark and Lindsay Daniels of hometown prodco StraightEIGHT Films, our main character is subjected to a deluge of audiovisual stimuli broadcast like propaganda through a wall of screens. Think a tamer version of that infamous A Clockwork Orange scene, only with the violent imagery replaced by familiar clips from commercials and films like TrainspottingFight Club and 500 Days of Summer. As the promo unfolds, we learn that the joke’s on the voyeur himself and the “Be Watching” concept of experiencing “the exhilarating rush of seeing the world through someone else’’s eyes” becomes realized.

Regarding the 2015 SIFF trailer, co-director Daniels says:

“The ‘Be Watching’ concept was immediately intriguing to me because it could span so many emotions – both in the story of the trailer and for the people watching it. Matthew and I really focused on bringing the roller coaster of emotional impact to the trailer. The fact that you start feeling a bit creeped out, then end laughing makes this project truly unique and really fun. “I’m really proud of contributing to my local film festival because for years, it has supported and celebrated the films I love and the community I am part of. Helping tell their story this year, is an honor.”

In case you were wondering, this year’s Seattle’s International Film Festival runs from May 14-June 7 and will present over 250 features and 150 shorts.

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