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17 Aug Let the Sephora Show Begin!

Last week at this time, the door to the “world of events” was opened to me and over 1300 cheering women (and a few men) from Sephora came running through! 150 foot LED screens lit up with animation and music blasted barely loud enough to compete with the enthusiastic audience. It was a bit overwhelming, but it was awesome to see everyone come together to celebrate the fearless side of beauty.
Seattle based ad agency PBJS asked me to creative direct and define the digital look for the iconic black and white striped beauty brand, Sephora and their 2015 SDCA conference. Before starting the project, I knew it would be different than traditional video and branding projects I normally work on, but I thought it could be an interesting experience and… I can never resist working with a brand I love… so, here I am!
This was the first project I’ve been on where the “final file delivery” was seriously just the beginning of the work. The actual event is an entirely different type of “post-production.” I’d compare this to an 8 day live edit session, communicating on a headset with a larger than life monitor to see your content. The crew is truly assembling an experience to effectively communicate a ton of information in an entertaining, informative and compelling way.  Events are a really interesting way for branding to come alive and video to be presented because you can immediately feel the crowd’s reaction to content.
A special shout out to Lee Ann, Tammy and Susan from PBJS who were amazing partners in this process, truly showing me the ropes of events and simply being stellar people to work with.
After 7 days in LasVegas, I didn’t see much that wasn’t between my hotel room and control booth. But, thanks to generous beauty bag overflowing with product, I did leave with glowing skin, glossy red lips and an appointment at the beauty studio to figure out what the heck to do with everything Sephora gave me!
Here are some more fun pictures from the week. 

Lee Ann and I scoping out the screens to make sure everything is looking good during rehearsals.


At the control booth feeling…. inspired… by the show open animation.


A still of the Sephora flame from the show open.


Still frame from the show open that played every morning to kick off the day.


The control center… or the place to find chocolate, diet coke and a row of working ladies!


Running the show in the control center.


Working through the details with our lovely clients.

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