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About This Project

What does a Caboodle have to do with Amazon Cloud Drive?

Well, when I was a charming tween, my Caboodle was the place I kept anything important to me from love notes to lip-gloss. While the container and contents has long since evolved, the simple idea has remained the same; when something is significant to me, I keep it safely in a container and store it somewhere I’ll remember.

Today, the digital pictures and videos that document our lives are among our most treasured assets. That’s why Amazon Cloud Drive is the place to store an unlimited amount of content… safely and forever. It was important to Amazon to develop a spot that helped communicate the function of Cloud Drive but, it was equally important to find an emotionally compelling way to connect their core audience.

In this spot, nostalgic containers that have been part of people’s lives from the time they were a kid until now help tell the story that the cloud is a place to keep the things most precious to them. While the containers and contents in the spot are diverse, they all tap into rich stories that spark conversations and unveil fun memories.

My talented friends at thenewBlank and I were able to put our heads together and develop this fun spot based on a simple metaphor. I directed the 2 day shoot, featuring 20 unique vignettes. Bringing this spot to life in partnership with Amazon was a fun process that left me with Soggy, (the goldfish) and a really great spot.

Keep This Safely

Client Amazon Cloud Drive

Production Company  thenewBlank

Director  Lindsay Daniels 

Creative Director  Lindsay Daniels 

Executive Producer  Katy Taylor

Producer  Mark Campbell

Director of Photography  Chrisopher Bell

Design & Concept  Lindsay Daniels  & Sevrin Daniels 

Editor  Andrew Maggio

Original Music  Phillip Peterson 

Production Designer  Kaleo Quenzer 


Director's Reel