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About This Project

Microsoft Bing transformed their homepage on Halloween day into a homage to classic ghost stories. This interactive experience was designed to delight, entertain and haunt users by bringing the stories of the Weeping Woman, Flying Dutchman and Bloody Mary to life.

The wide, panorama shot seamlessly integrated three distinct environments for the camera to travel across. Each vignette gave us the opportunity to tell more of the ghost story. The dark, moody world was created by carefully and artistically integrating around 50 stock photos.

The final experience was coded with CSS internally at Microsoft with beautiful sound design by Gary Spradling. The video below is a recreation of the experience that was only available on Halloween day 2014.  Special thanks to the guys at thenewBlank for being great creative, technical and business partners.



Stock Images Used to Build Final Art
Stock Images Used to Build Final Art

Client Microsoft Bing

Creative Director  Lindsay Daniels 

Technical Director Bobby Hougham

Designer  Lindsay Daniels

Designer  Vince Diga

Designer  Eric Edwards

Animator Alan Llave

Sound Design Gary Spradling

Produced in Partnership with The New Blank

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