lindsay daniels design | Path to 9/11
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About This Project

Overview Setting the tone for audiences to view an in depth drama about the events of 9/11 required a delicate balance of storytelling, grace and authenticity. Showing the routine and innocence of the New York City before the city was attacked shows unique perspective that allows everyone to shift their mindset and understand the gravity of the situation on a more intimate level. 

Visual Treatment The camera wakes up, emerges and slowly witnesses the New York city coming to life on a regular morning. The linear architecture of the twin towers becomes a device to seamlessly integrate the concept of surveillance. The emotionally gripping music builds and provides a foundation for the editorial cadence to increase. The moire pattern and glitchy effects get increasingly more intense until they become the actual twin towers. 


contribution concept and design

produced at Digital Kitchen

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Design Portfolio
concept, emmy nomination, main title design, storyboard