lindsay daniels design | Planned Parenthood
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About This Project

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, your health and your time are always the most precious resources we have.

Planned Parenthood believes in helping give you the time to take care of your emotional and physical health. The development of their app shows they are investing in bringing first class health care to you – when ever, where ever. No more waiting at the doctor!

In these spots we show how Planned Parenthood is doing their part to give you back some time. Ordinary objects take on extraordinary meaning when viewed through the lens of representing an hour of time; the amount of time you save by using the app instead of going to the clinic. They tell us how they would use the extra time gained in a personal and relatable way. After they learn that Planned Parenthood can give you your time back, unscripted talent opens up to clinicians as they learn about how taking charge of your health can be so easy.

The partnership between Rally, Clatter&Din, Planned Parenthood and a joint belief in the cause was a critical mixture to make this video a success!

Director's Reel