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About This Project

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll is always a wild combination, but when you add Denis Leary and the team at Apostle Pictures to the mix it adds up to something far more interesting. The critics and fans are raving about the show and we couldn’t agree more!

The main title for the FX series, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll was inspired by the iconic deconstruction design language that was culturally relevant to the music scene in the 90’s when the Heathens were living the rock & roll dream.

This look resonated with Dennis Leary and the team at Apostle Pictures because it conceptually fit on many levels. From the beginning, it was important to tell the story of the band falling apart. We just took it a step further by having the imagery, typography and overall edit break apart too. When you only have 20 seconds to tell a big story, making every part of the video conceptually relevant is critical.

The crew we assembled to make this job happen was one of the best parts about the job. With years of fostering relationships in the entertainment industry, Jim Serpico contacted Louise Krakower about this opportunity. She and I helped bring together an ex-Digital Kitchen crew who all work together frequently  because our creative and personal chemistry is strong.

Working directly with Denis Leary and Jim Serpico to create the main title was such a thrill. We are big fans of the show and proud to have created the opening act. It’s projects and people like this that make me love what I do!

Client Apostle Pictures

Creative Director  Lindsay Daniels 

Executive Producer  Louise Krakower

Designer  Lindsay Daniels 

Editor Lee Gardner

Animator  Scott Hudziak


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