lindsay daniels design | WE Network Rebrand
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About This Project

Together WE are more powerful, entertaining and engaged. Together WE can have more fun! 

The WE Network needed to redefine their audience and their brand. The desire to expand their audiences beyond women required us to redefine what WE stood for. To me, this meant, moving away from the well known, Women’s Entertainment brand, and moving towards the true definition and feeling of “WE“.

This concept visually and literally redefines WE in a playful and inclusive way by inviting the audience to be part of the brand. It allows the talent from the network to engage with each other in a more own able way. WE brings out a young, fresh and vibrant attitude critical to the brand’s success.

My friends at Leroy+Clarkson invited me to contribute to their pitch by building a brand look and voice, including logo and copy. They took the ideas and truly brought them to life in this motion test.

WE Network Pitch Concept 

Client WE Television Network

Production Company Leroy+Clarkson

Executive Creative Director  Daniel Fries

Creative Director  Marcelo Cardoso

Designer  Lindsay Daniels 

Writer  Lindsay Daniels 


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