lindsay daniels design | Upper One Games | Process
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Tradition, culture, honesty and integrity was an integral part of the entire process. Katie Barcelona and I worked with the Cook Inlet Tribal council and E-line media to develop this brand from the ground up. It was an honor to work on this project, the clients are truly some of the best people I’ve worked with.


After extensive conversations and interviews with the founders of CEI Games, Katie Barcelona and I were able to begin our naming process informed and inspired.

The final name came about after we learned that Alaska natives refer to all states south of them as the lower 48 – this fact inspired the name Upper One Games. This name is confident and conceptually rich.


Prior to jumping into design, we visited the cultural center in Anchorage where the display of masks, drawings, etchings, furs, animals and stories provided a rich platform to launch from. We drew inspiration from Alaska native culture and the people we talked to at the Cook Inlet Tribal Council.
The final design was inspired by patterns on native baskets the colors were inspired by the rich palette of the northern lights.


The first game, Never Alone is launching this fall. The artistry and thoughtfulness involved in the character development and overall story has been incredible to witness. This game is built on the idea of conveying traditional Alaska Native stories stories to youth and the trust between the main girl and her fox.

Here are some of the featured frames for marketing.