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ROLE | director & writer

PRODUCTION COMPANY | Straight 8 Films 

AGENCY |  Mammoth

Placing value on what’s inside is a powerful, positive, and relevant statement normally saved for how we think about our relationships with each other and with ourselves. In this video we show how what’s inside is important to Intuitive Surgical by focusing on the patient, the company, the design and the surgeon. These four pillars take us on a cyclical journey that highlight the Intuitive Surgical brand spirit, their new products and their commitment to people. 


What’s Inside The Patient  - The spirit. The values. The character. The motivation. These are the qualities that define who someone is as a person and why we want to help them. We show a variety of people working hard, pushing themselves to toward a specific goal.  


What’s Inside The Company - The drive. The passion. The results. We show how we don’t wait for a need to arise, we look for unmet global healthcare problems and use our expertise to create innovative solutions. These are the qualities that define who Intuitive is as a company and what drives us to do amazing work.


What’s Inside The Design - The engineering. The technology. The innovation. These are the qualities that define what the engineers and designers at Intuitive make right NOW and how it’s making a difference. 


What’s Inside The Surgeon - The approach. The impact. The difference. Every surgeon makes decisions that impact the lives, bodies, and outcomes of their patients based on the innovations from Intuitive Surgical. 


It all starts with what’s inside. That is what matters most. 

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