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ROLE | designer
CLIENT | Showtime 

ORIGINAL TREATMENT | Everything, no matter how mundane or beautiful has an undercurrent of violence to it. It is just a matter how closely you look. We are conditioned to see a blossoming flower as beautiful. But if you look closely, if you look differently you will see it more like an explosion. Here we see a mundane morning routine illustrated in extreme close ups showing the underlying tension found in everyday situations making violence a part of everything.

Familiar imagery takes on a new meaning. For example, the innocent act of shaving becomes a macro shot of hairs being decapitated. As a shoe is being tied, the tightening of the lace around the finger and through the eyelets take on a sinister quality. A coffee grinder finely hacks up coffee beans so they can be slowly strained through a French press. Drip by drip by drip. His knife finely scrapes the skin off an orange until the pulpy insides are exposed. Oils bursting. The last shot is of Dexter walking out of his home into the city of Miami. On the surface he is now another normal everyday occurrence, as we look closer we know that is not the case.

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