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ROLE | director
CLIENT | Microsoft

From the moment this project started, Microsoft wanted to make something different - a short film that captured the soul of the global company and the spirit of people that made it special. This film is made up entirely of UGC content submitted by Microsoft employees. Our role was to find the moments that mattered and make them into a story that conveys the culture, values and mission at Microsoft.

Here is a little background on our process and journey.

Our plan was to ask thousands of Microsoft employees in different parts of the world to submit footage that would show and tell us what ‘One Day’ in and out of work looked and felt like for them. Then, COVID swept across the globe and instantly everything that defined how we lived and felt about ‘One Day’ changed significantly… for everyone around the world. We had no idea how this would impact our story, but we knew we wanted to keep going. We had guided everyone to look beyond what they do, how they do it or where they do it from - we encouraged them to focus on why they do it. As the UGC footage rolled in and we read pages of transcripts I was reminded how beautiful diverse perspectives are and how connected humanity is. We began to craft a story that carried more meaning than the rituals of 'One Day' ever could - it was about purpose, connection and possibility.

Even though this is a peek inside the Microsoft culture, I think the story we found relates to people beyond their organization and taps into a bit of optimism that feels nice to hold onto.

An enormous thanks to the team below for bringing me this opportunity, for the shared vision and for everything it took to make this happen. 

Director: Lindsay Daniels

Executive Producer: Dawn Hagen

Executive Producer: Jonathan Vossler

Senior Producer: Cheryl Ediss

Creative Director: Chris Livesay

Editor: Thomas Price

Group Creative Director: Brian Lohr

Head of Production: Craig Stevens

Director of Post Production: Casey Steele

Post Production Manager: Josh Arnold

Senior Animator: Austin Glass

Assistant Editor: Mackenzie Glisson

Colorist: Garett Myers

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