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The United Nations COP26 conference is the ultimate venue for people around the world who are striving to make an environmental difference gather together. Everyone from the President of the United States, to small NGO's on a mission for change meet up and exchange ideas. If there is an important story that could help the trajectory of climate change, this is the place to tell it. This is where change begins.

When True Blue Strategies asked me to work on a campaign that would raise awareness about the importance of Cold, Clean water for the health of salmon and ecosystems around the globe... well, I didn't hesitate. Yes, and yes! I learned that salmon are an indicator species of the health of our rivers, land and oceans. When the salmon are healthy and thriving, our earth is too. When water temperatures rise, salmon can not survive and their contribution to the ecosystem and economies around the world run deep.

This is a problem that caught the attention of a group of artists who came together to create a global art project called, The Salmon School. This collaborative glass installation represents the grass roots efforts in river restoration and education that is happening all around the world. Our video campaign was directly connected to this installation to provide context and the deeper story behind the hundreds of artists, scientists, teachers and advocates that are working hard to raise awareness. It was an honor to help them tell their story in a creative and engaging way.

Here are a few design frames I created for the films we made. All the footage here was provided by the communities involved.


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