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NATIONAL WORLD WAR II MUSEUM a new pavilion opens dedicated to liberation & post war impacts

Over the last 3 years, I’ve helped make 68 films for the National World War II Museum. And finally, last week a new pavilion, dedicated to the legacy of the war opened its doors.

The stories within this museum are incredibly moving, presenting beauty and horror beyond imagination. The 30-minute Liberation Theater film made from interviews of Holocaust Survivors and Liberators was by far the most emotional to work on. The Secret Annex gallery telling the story of Anne Frank captured my heart and the story of Eleanor Roosevelts' quest to create the Universal Declaration of Independence was inspiring. 

The impact of all war runs deep. I am so grateful for the opportunity to support the art direction and design of these stories with the team at Donna Lawrence Productions. I hope someday you get the opportunity to see, feel, and understand the important content shared at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Here are a few images from the museum, designed by Gallagher & Associates to look at.

Image: Monuments Men Gallery

Coming Home Film

Cost of War Installation

Secret Annex: Story of Anne Frank


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